ShellShock Live - The Game Wiki

Chatrooms are in 3 seperate screens on Shellshock - the main lobby chatroom, the game lobby chatroom, and the game chatroom.

In all lobbies, there is the option to tick a Filter Profanity box which censors swear words.

Main Lobby

The main lobby chatroom is a feature member accounts may access, but not guests.

All members are launched into the chat upon joining the main lobby. It is not moderated. Players can see who is in the chat and the levels of said players, as well as if they are deluxe (yellow background behind level). Joining a game removes a player from the chatroom.

Game Lobby

All players can use the game lobby chat. It is not moderated, even by the game host, although the host may boot players from a lobby based on chat interactions.

Messages in the game lobby do not carry on to the game and are lost upon leaving the lobby.

Game Chat

The game chat is accessible while in-game by pressing enter or clicking on the chat box. Team chat can be used by putting "*" before sending a message, in which case only the members of the team can see the message. Otherwise, all players can see the chat message unless a player mutes them.

A player can be muted by clicking on the tank of the player to mute. The muting player will then no longer see messages from the muted player for the course of the game, although not once it ends. Unmuting can be done by clicking the tank again.