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A smart shot that detects enemies below it's path, and automatically hit them from above.


The Dead Weight is an incredibly easy weapon to use thanks to it's homing ability and early availability, as it's unlocked at the level 10.

With the dead weight, you shall be not afraid to miss, it can be used in the place of other weapons if you are unsure about your aiming or if the enemy is well protected.

Outside of it's use as an surrogate shot type for other weapon types, it can also be used if you got particulary bad weapons on the match, however, 25 damage isn't something to be relied, asides for eliminate dying enemies.


Burrows down the ground first, then automatically rises upward whenever landing below a target.

Dead Riser Strategy:

Unlike the Dead Weight, the dead riser must first land on the ground and burrow underneath a enemy in order to activate. It's basically an inverted dead weight.

The Dead Riser have increased utility over the Dead Weight, because it can be used effectively in strenous situations such as the arena having too many rebound walls, black holes and portals clustered at the enemies site. The Dead Riser can be simply fired down below and it will do it's job while safely avoiding those hazards. It also deals 10 extra damage over it's parent shot.


  • The Dead weight is one of the original weapons available in every Shellshock live games. In all games, it's unlocked by leveling up, with the only difference being at wich level they come available to the player.
    • The Dead Riser, however, was only first released in SSL2, available only by purchasing a Weapon Pack.