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Flame is a starting weapon fires many flaming pellets in a spray pattern similar to Stream. each pellet will stick to the terrain and tanks and will deal damage over time.

Damage : 1 point  per pellet (max 36 without critical hit).



Blaze and Inferno

Each one of them are doing the same thing as Flame, but with more damage, bigger pellets but each upgrade is more scattered than the precedent, making it more dificult to put them all in one point.

Damage :

     - Blaze : 2 points x2 per pellets;
     - Inferno : 3 points x2 per pellets;


Upsides and Downsides

The best thing to do with Stream and his upgrades, is to use an angle as close to 45 as possible to make sure the pellets touch the same point. But even with this, with Blaze and even more with Inferno, the shot can be too much scattered to do it.

using this weapon at close range is extremely effective. as all shots will hit and there is no damage falloff. using it similarly to napalm.

flame and its upgrades are also effective in marksmen as they cover a large portion of the sky.