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On impact, several water projectiles will be flung around the area, dealing damage over the area.


The Fountain is best saved to use against group of enemies in an area or against enemies leaning against the edge walls. In the case of the latter, the projectiles will be spawned right on the edges and will stack, meaning that all of them will hit the same target.

Against enemies packed together in the same region, it can be used to evenly damage all of them. If there is a low-flying crate or Buff Powerups around, it can pick them up as well thanks to the many projectile.



Generates additional droplet shots over an wider area, but each pellet deals only 6 damage instead of 8.


Sprinkle around the impact zone droplet shots that deals 10 points of damage each. It will do three cycles, firing projectiles from left to right. Very devastating when hitting the enemy directly.


  • In both flash versions (SSL and SSL2), the fountain pattern were similiar of the roman candle, the droplets were fired at set angles and the main projectile did not damage the terrain, while the Steam version have a pattern very similiar to the Waterworks in Shellshock Live 2.