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God Rays is a powerful weapon unlocked by defeating the developer, kChamp, or an level 100 player who got the "Dev Destroyer" achievement. A powerful weapon capable of dishing out respectable amounts of damage.


God Rays is good for generally doing damage, used best on a flat surface and not mountainous ground. It can be used to hit multiple targets in an area or to dish out massive amounts of damage on a single target, provided that the flare sits still on their position.

The projectiles will be affected by wind, so care must be taken to not fire this weapon in a windy situation, unless you can calculate precisely the wind factor over the projectile trajectory. Also, do not use this weapon against enemies trapped in a hole, since most beams simply won't hit the target.


Deity: The Deity fires up two additional bolts for a total of 5, however, each projectile will deal only 4 points of damage.