ShellShock Live - The Game Wiki

The Lobby is in two screens: the main lobby and the game lobby.

Main Lobby

The main lobby contains the chatroom, a list of games, and side features.

Game List

The game list contains each game that is being played, full, or open on the Shellshock servers.

In yellow and on top are the open games, which players can join, with some possible restrictions as dictated by the host. No games can be truly hidden, but they can be made invite only so as to not be joined by the general public.

In pink are games that are filled up, but have not been started yet. Players cannot join the lobbies unless another player leaves.

In light blue are games that are currently playing. They are at the bottom of the list and cannot be joined until the game ends and players leave.

The refresh button makes it so players can see the most recently updated games and their status.


The filter can make it so only certain games are shown, including how many players, how many turns, and wind. There is an option to "remember" the choices for accounts, although they do not carry once a guest refreshes the page or otherwise leaves the game.

Other Features and Items

  • Changing tank skins.
  • Online players.
  • Friends.
  • Joining by code.
  • (members) unlock progress, experience and level.
  • Creating a game.

Game Lobby

The Game Lobby is where players join up to go into multiplayer matches, and ultimately fight on the field.


The Host is usually the game creator unless the initial host quits, in which case the person who joined the earliest becomes the new host. They can modify settings and boot players.


  • Name - The name of the lobby.
  • Map - Chose which map to use in the battle (from the options players have). Note that if a host has a map others would not normally have and said host quits, they can still use it in the battle so long as they do not try to change it.
  • Turns - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30.
  • Wind - Low, Med, High.
  • Toggle for Invite only or not.
  • Allow guests or not.
  • Map "theme".
  • Turn time - 20, 25, 30 seconds.
  • Minimum level to join.
  • Weapons - Normal or double (at the cost of half XP).

Other Features and Info

  • Inviting friend by having them copy and paste the game code in the main lobby.
  • Signal ready for players and Launch game for host (once all players are ready).
  • Hosts are booted after 25 seconds should the lobby be full and all players ready.