ShellShock Live - The Game Wiki

Rapidfires small projectiles that goes through land and explodes on the landing point, creating a big crater on the ending point.


One of the best weapons to trap your enemies in a hole, the quicksand is also a very difficult weapon to use properly, and some training must be done in order to get the hang of the unique trajectory.

Their projectiles will ignore the terrain up to a point, where they will detonate in a tiny explosion, enough to dig a depression on the impact zone. When used correctly, it will leave the enemy trapped inside said hole, and the steeper hills may prevent the escape even with maxed traction skills.

It can be fired conventionally, disregarding the terrain as an obstacle, but calculating the impact zone, or fired close to the target at a high angle, making the full stream hit the enemy from above, but said tactic requires some training, or the use of a Tracer item.


The Desert basically increases the amount of projectiles fired by the stream, but won't deal increased damage. Behaves exacly like it's predecessor, but usually leaves a wider hole on the ground due to the added projectile amount.