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Welcome to the ShellShock Live wiki!

This Wikia is about the multiplayer tank game ShellShock Live on! Here you can find sections on the game's content, weaponry, and tips for playing. See the Content tab to find pages on the game and the Community/Resources tabs for editors that are looking to contribute.

SSL the site is now the hub for all games of ShellShock Live. The First game can still be accessed by scrolling down the page a little, pressing the button linking to it and proceeding as usual.

Wiki Features

  • The Content tab in navigation contains all relevant pages for this wiki.
  • The Community tab is rather empty, as there is not much that can go up there right now. Contributions are very much welcome!
  • Feel free to contact ArenaSnow with any questions.
  • Don't be afraid to contribute if there is something you know that is not on here.
  • Users should strive to be friendly and constructive if they are editing. This wiki does not have a hardcore set of guidelines - the expectation is to act intelligently.
  • This wiki has no association with Shellshock Live 2 and other KChamp games (including the Steam version) and will not be affiliated with them in the near future; this wiki is dedicated to keep simplicity and clear any confusion.