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Shots are weapons that tanks use to damage tanks. They can destroy terrain and sometimes damage yourself and/or allies. Each weapon works in their own unique ways.

The numbers of points do not consider impact on more than 1 tank. Multiple tank hits can cause varying value.

Each 10 points dealt result in 1 experience point. This can go negative as well.

List of Weapons

Beginning Weapons:

Weapons available at the beginning of the game, there are 20 base weapons, along with their respective upgrades.

Air Strike Digger RapidFire Splitter
Back-Roller Flame Roller Stream
Breaker Grenade Shot (Weapon) Three-Ball
Bulger Horizon Sinkhole Tunneler
Cactus One-Bounce Sniper Twinkler

Unlocked by leveling up:

Weapons acquired by leveling up. Every level always grants one weapon. The list down below lists the weapons in the 2 - 80 Level range.

Level Weapon Level Weapon
2 Flower 42 Sticky Bomb
3 Guppies 43 Fleet
4 Earthquake 44 Rain
5 Banana 45 Sillyballs
6 Snake 46 Napalm
7 Zipper 47 Sawblade
8 Bounsplode 48 Sunburst
9 Glock 49 Synclets
10 Dead Weight 50 Payload
11 Pixel 51 Shadow
12 Builder 52 X Attack
13 Static 53 Carpet Bomb
14 Molehill 54 Baby Seagull
15 Counter 3000 55 Shrapnel
16 Hover-Ball 56 Penetrator
17 Ringer 57 Jammer
18 Rainbow 58 Chunklet
19 Moons 59 Bouncy Ball
20 Mini-Pinger 60 Minions
21 Shank 61 Battering Ram
22 Bolt 62 Asteroids
23 Gravies 63 Spider
24 Spiker 64 Rampage
25 Disco Ball 65 M4
26 Boomerang 66 Clover
27 Tadpoles 67 3D Bomb
28 Mini-V 68 Snowball
29 Yin-Yang 69 Spotter
30 Fireworks 70 Fighter Jet
31 Water Balloon 71 Bounstrike
32 Magnets 72 StarFire
33 Arrow 73 Bee Hive
34 Driller 74 Dual-Roller
35 Quicksand 75 Partition
36 Jumper 76 BFG-1000
37 Spaz 77 Train
38 Pinata 78 Mini-Turret
39 Shockwave 79 Kamikaze
40 Bounder 80 Nuke
41 UZI

Post-Level 80 Weapons:

Those weapons are unlocked at the levels 81 to 100. This roster includes some of the most destructive weapons in the game, capable of destroying tanks in a single shot when used properly.

Level Weapon Level Weapon
81 Black Hole 91 Acid Rain
82 Bumper Bombs 92 Sunflower
83 BreakerMadness 93 Taser
84 Homing Missile 94 Sausage
85 Puzzler 95 Jackpot
86 Rocket Fire 96 Early Bird
87 Pentagram 97 Recruiter
88 Radar 98 Fury
89 Laser Beam 99 Relocator
90 Tweeter 100 Imploder

Unlocked by completing Campaign missions:

In order to get those weapons, the entire Campaign missions in a list must be completed.

Mission Weapon
Tank Up Stone
War Games Cat
Shell or be Shelled Ghost Bomb
Battle Royale Flasher
Armored Fury Sprouter
Lone Wolf Square
Penultimate Wacky Cluster
Showdown Satellite

Unlocked by completing Challenges:

Each of the following weapons will be unlocked after the player completes a challenge. The Challenges can be viewed at the profile tab.




Devoted Play 5,000 Rounds overall Flattener
Victor Win 100 Rounds (Any game mode) ShockShell
Triumph Win 500 Rounds (Any game mode) Flintlock
XP Collector Earn 100,000 XP overall Kernels
XP Hoarder Earn 1,000,000 XP overall Chopper
Tank Genocide Destroy 2,500 enemy tanks SkullShot
Rolling in It Save up 1,000 Gears (You must have at least

1,000 Gears on your inventory to unlock this.

Abstain from spending gears if

you want to attain this achievement.)

Fat Stacks
Dev Destroyer Defeat the developer [kChamp] or a level 100 player

who already acquired this achievement.

God Rays
Follow the Creed Assassinate 250 enemy tanks (Defeat 250 enemies in

the Assassin Game mode).

Hidden Blade
Max Efficiency Hit 3 enemies with a single shot 10 times. Beacon
Two Hundred Birds Hit two enemies with a single shot 100 times. Mad Birds
The Cake is a lie Land 25 Portal skill-shots. Portal Gun
Ouch! Deal 200+ Damage in one shot. Pinpoint
Twenty birds Hit 2 enemies in one shot 10 times Chicken-Fling
Commited Play 20 Rounds overall Palm
XP Accumulator Earn 10,000 XP Overall Needler
Call the Shots Complete 45 missions Pepper
Perseverance Attempt missions 100 times (Don't matters if complete the mission or not.) Fountain

Weapons available at the Store:

Unlike the others, those weapons needs to be purchased directly at the store using your Gears. They can be bought at any level, and will become immediately available once the transaction is completed.

Price (Gears) Weapon
100 Oddball
350 Botherer
250 Jack-o-Lantern
200 Wicked Witch
250 Travelers
300 Summoner
300 Skeet
250 Tangent Fire
150 Throwing Star
250 Volcano


there are 394 total weapons and weapon upgrades as of the 12/13/2017 update.