ShellShock Live - The Game Wiki

Stream shot a lot of small blue pellets (20) following each other. The more angle you put, the more spread this shot will be.

Damage : 3 per pellet (max 60 without critical hit).



Creek and River

Each one of them are doing the same thing as Stream, but with more damage and bigger pellets. River is slighty less precise than the other ones.

Damage :

     - Creek : 5 per pellets (max 100 without critical hit);
     - River : 6 per pellets (max 120 without critical hit);


This one still shot pellets, but the power of the shot increase after each pellets, meaning this weapon make the pellets rain in a zone, touching everything inside.

Upsides and Downsides

The best thing to do with Stream and his upgrades, is to use an angle as close to 45 as possible to make sure the pellets touch the same point. With Tsunami, this problem is not really important since it is going forward.

You can also use it differently, for example to make the pellet rain on the map, which could be useful in some mode.