ShellShock Live - The Game Wiki

An orb that summons a localized rain of purple projectiles on the impact location.

It costs 300 Gears, the second most expensive weapon, behind the Botherer.


The Summoner must hit the enemy directly in order for the best benefit. The projectiles are affected by the wind, so pay attention to where you will land the shot in high-wind environments. The wind can, however, help deliver the payload on the target, provided that you know how to use the wind to your advantage.

It's also extremely effective in areas with several enemies clustered together, as the projectiles are more likely to hit all of them.


Mage: The mage deals only 6 damage, but will include additional black bolts that will be summoned along the purple ones. The black orblets will be summoned at a high height, so pay attention where you land it to avoid hitting a floating black hole or trap the projectiles inside an Rebound circle.