ShellShock Live - The Game Wiki

I am a ShellShockLive player. It is a classic to me for "between corners" battles (before lunch, before bed, you name it). I did get sidetracked in 2013 and have returned to it in 2015 for more dedicated attention.

I don't like the second one as it has pay to win mechanics, over complicates what I love about the simple nature on the first, and is not as easy to just hop in and start playing. The steam version, same thing. Going too far and I can't see myself doing it. Thus I stay with the good old first one.

I have one account I use for 1v1 matches, but in more open scenarios I use guest accounts. The weaponry is still good, if not a little bit of a challenge. I am as of yet still rusty.

It is about time for me to make this wiki more than a 2 hour project and call it quits. I am late to the party, so I doubt I will get too much help on it.

I did not and do not intend to pay for content such as maps ans weapon packs, thus I cannot help with such matters.

I have recently become admin and beurocrat on this wiki by means of adoption - feel free to ask me if you need anything. No, admin slots are not given out without a high level of trust. Ask when you have made a lot of contributions or get more points than I have (without doing things like spamming edits).

Project List

  • Add screenshots.
  • Improve wiki structure.
  • Fix up community page and make unique.
  • Set up a favicon.
  • Fix category systems.
  • Review all pages.
  • See that this wiki has at least one fellow part-time admin (if possible).
  • In the future, promotion for getting players on the wiki.